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Summary of donations (per year per currency)

Year Donations
2009 10 USD
2008 10 EUR
2007 10,000 JPY
70 USD
2006 2,000 JPY
15 USD
2005 12,000 JPY
135 USD
2004 15,000 JPY
10 USD
2003 17,500 JPY
25 USD

Individual donations

Name Country Date Donation
Sourav Kundu India 2009-08-31 10 USD
Istvan Radnoty 2008-11-08 10 EUR
Magda Karkowska 2007-11-20 10 USD
Piotr Jaszczyk 2007-11-12 40 USD
Samuel W. Lui USA 2007-11-04 20 USD
Willy Hioe Singapore 2007-01-28 10,000 JPY
Lyle De Souza United Kingdom 2006-10-13 15 USD
Siew Ling Malaysia 2006-05-17 2,000 JPY
Gloria Mak Australia 2005-07-23 1,000 JPY
Benjamin David Robbins USA 2005-05-16 5 USD
Kenji Mukai Australia 2005-04-29 10,000 JPY
Chiwoong Lee Korea 2005-04-09 10 USD
Murdoch MacPhee Australia 2005-04-05 50 USD
Mathew Lawtie Australia 2005-04-04 50 USD
Modesto Antonio Cruz Lluberes Dominican Republic 2005-02-26 20 USD
Justin Allen New Zealand 2004-11-15 2,000 JPY
Tracy Lam Australia 2004-10-22 3,000 JPY
Natalie Stevens Australia 2004-05-25 2,000 JPY
Timothy Baldwin Australia 2004-05-10 2,000 JPY
Matthew Bailey New Zealand 2004-05-07 5,000 JPY
Abdullah Al Amin Bangladesh 2004-05-07 1,000 JPY
Bryan McMahon U.S.A 2004-02-13 10 USD
Luke Duggan Australia 2003-12-13 2,000 JPY
Kazuaki Tani Japan 2003-11-19 5,000 JPY
Michael Stollery Australia 2003-10-26 1,000 JPY
Paddy Brennan Australia 2003-08-25 1,000 JPY
Matus, Roland Hungary 2003-08-22 1,500 JPY
Pavel Yakovlev Russia 2003-08-20 5,000 JPY
Kelvin Coley New Zealand 2003-05-24 1,000 JPY
Marc Lanson Australia 2003-05-24 1,000 JPY
Tim Kerr USA (Alaska) 2003-03-23 25 USD

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